Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sensory Overload... or Why I Love Quiet.

I have some updates, but will probably not get to them today due to the fact that I am crazy busy. In the meantime, though, I just found this video that was posted in a group I joined and wanted to share. It's probably the most accurate depiction I have seen yet of Sensory Overload. Even at half the volume this is what it's like to have overly sensitive senses and hear and notice everything. (there are usually smells involved as well, but until scratch and sniff video is invented those will be hard to depict.)

Personally, for me, it is worse during times when I'm already stressed. I particularly identify with the street noises, the mixed noises of voices/laughter, the tapping of the pen and feet and clanking of the dishes.  It's only recently that I've been able to link these seemingly unimportant and unnoticeable (to most) things to my own anxiety/panic.

Medications like Zoloft and Wellbutrin amplify this for me. Medications like Celexa (for the most part) and Ativan dull or numb my reaction to it. As does Alcohol.

Hope, who sometimes forgets, but after watching that video, is feeling grateful that I am able to work from home. 

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