Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Waiting Room

I know classical music is supposed to be relaxing. At least I think I know that. But when it's too loud it's actually stimulating.  Like coffee. Maybe three cups. 

I'm currently sitting in the waiting room for my first head doctor (as I will call him) appt in 24 years. I'm nervous, and because I'm fighting to keep my thoughts in some kind of order I'm sitting here writing this. I'm afraid if I don't they will simply fly out of my head and I'll turn into a bumbling idiot.

He's five minutes late, by the way. Not that I care, but I did notice. I also noticed someone needs to vacuum and dust the waiting room. I noticed the toys, which is good, because if I get the "good vibe" I will ask him about Jack. 

Why am I here again? I have to keep reminding myself. My feet are numb. I'm not sure why. I purposely have been med free for a while now. Maybe not the best idea. I really want to turn the music down.

My turn. Update at a later date.

Hope, who's trying to breath.

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