Saturday, June 29, 2013

More changes and a little Sharing.

After yesterdays post...Changes...there have been more. I think I've mentioned before my need for "down time" or "alone time" or "just leave me the fuck alone time."  Yeah. I think I have. Up until now I've have a pretty decent balance with my own child. (aside from summer vacation). Unfortunately, his Dad is being moved to second shift in a couple of weeks which means a few things. Jack loses about 6 nights per month with his Dad and vice versa. It also means I lose my free Wednesday and Friday nights. Not the end of the world, as I don't do much anymore anymore, but still, for the Crazy Muthah that needs her time to recharge...losing six of those nights per month, is kind of huge. Not the end, but damn near close.

Yeah. So, moving on. I found a  fucking fabulous posts last night that was absolutely perfect for the state of mind I was (am) in, and what happens to me. I can't always find the ways to put it in words, but I follow this woman...and trust me, she can. It was also perfect because now I have a child who have intrusive/obsessive thoughts and has for some reason decided I'm a Catholic Priest, and confesses everything to me.

I also found this:  and thought...holy shit. This could be me. It really could be. Maybe it's you?  If not, it's a pretty interesting read.

That's it for today. I'm beat and there are about five noises running in the background of my life, so focusing well, I am not. Sorry for the typos if there are any.

Hope, who isn't afraid to mix Ativan with whatever adult beverage might be hiding in my fridge. 

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