Monday, January 14, 2013

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

The month of January is now half over. So far I'm sucking at my semi non resolution of enjoying myself more. Instead I've been suffering from a whatever I do is not good enough complex. I also need to get laid more I think.

Other than that, nothing much is new. That's part of the problem as well. I tend to get sucked into this rut of doing all the every day mundane tasks. Most of these tasks being done for everyone but myself, and when they're done there is little to mo time for anything else. It's the same shit day in day out, with really nothing to look forward to. All the books and magazine articles, and shrinks would say, "You have to MAKE time." And to that I'd say, "Fuck you. First of all If I could MAKE time I wouldn't have this problem, and second I'd most likely just make time STOP." This getting old thing is pretty sucky, so yeah, I'd stop that shit.

Given that I can't do any of things, I've got what I've got. Gotten? Or I get what I have or something. Simply put...I'm stuck.

I have an intense urge to escape for a night or a weekend or a month. The last option may take some finagling and require the assistance of my very own Cherry 2000 Clone. My significant other doesn't like the idea of me disappearing because he thinks I want to get away from him. Not really. Maybe a little. Maybe if he did his own mundane tasks everyday it would free me up to be a human being here at home for a few hours a day. Maybe. But again, it is what it is. It does piss me off a little that the one thing I'm certain I need that doesn't include him is the one thing he chooses to pay attention and object to, while the other needs that do include him are sitting over in the corner hiding under the dust bunnies.

Apparently I needed to vent a little? Who knew?

Hope, who also has not slept in my own bed for three day due to a snoring issue and could possibly be a little cranky and sleep deprived.

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