Wednesday, January 30, 2013

101 Things about me

Today is my Birthday.  I was born 41 years ago, on a Sunday. Bloody Sunday, to be exact. Recently I came across a list that I created in December of 2005...101 things about me. I figured what better day than today to share it. (again). Very little has changed. Maybe some things...but mostly I'm pretty much the same 7 years and 1 month later. In reading through it, I remembered the exact state of mind I was in when I wrote it. I wasn't sad, or depressed, or anxious. I was "not ashamed". I guess you could say proud...but not ashamed seems more accurate. There are many things on this list that make me hard to love, I suppose, and in turn, that can sometimes make me hate myself. But the fact is...this is me...and I'm going to try really hard to be okay with that, even if no one else is. 

So...with only some minor changes and tweaking...

101 Things about me...

It wasn't easy but I did it. More than you ever wanted to know...

1. I'm sarcastic. AKA a wise ass.

2. Both my index fingers are double jointed. (My elbows as well.)

3. I only have one fallopian tube left :) (and also only one ovary since Jan of 2012) Both on the same side so I'm completely unbalanced.

4. I say very very bad words. Often. Yup, I'm a potty mouth. You name it, I've said it and I'm sure I'll say it again. (not in front of the children, of course.)

5. I'm almost always right. Really, I am. Don't argue with me.

6. When I was young I cried often and easily. I very rarely cry now. I cry often and easily again. A lot.

7. I have control issues. I have trust issues. I bruise easily.

8. I LOVE change, as long as I am the one initiating the change. See Above.

9. I LOVE Marilyn Monroe, James Taylor, and Chocolate.

10. I'm afraid of heights, closed in spaces, and driving over bridges. (You can add the highway to this as well now)

11. When I'm drunk I'm not afraid of anything much.

12. I try very hard to be honest at all times.

13. I love Dr. Demento   I don't really love any doctors anymore.

14. I can't spell for shit. I don't care.

15. I'm a huge Howard Stern fan.  Used to be, but I only have an old fashioned music player in my car, called a radio (remember those?) Howard for me.

16. When I'm sleeping, like really going to sleep, I don't like to be touched.( I also don't like my stomach touched anymore. I don't know if it's the scars or the numb feeling, but I hate it. Every muscle in my body tenses up.)

17. I eat one food at a time. For example, I'll eat a potato, then the veggies, and then the steak.

18. As a child I couldn't even let my food touch.

19. I get bored easily.

20. I'm into Art and creating anything that remotely resembles it.

21. I either have an over abundance of energy or I have none.

22. I lost my virginity to a 10 speed.

23. I like to swing. On actual swings.  I now get motion sickness when I swing on swings. Welcome to old age.

24. I've kissed a girl. (two)

25. I've lived in six states.

26. I've been to Paris.

27. I've driven cross country twice.

28. I lived in Las Vegas for three years.

29. I once saw M.C. Hammer at a UNLV Basketball game, back when it was still cool to see M.C. Hammer anywhere.

30. I've been pregnant 4 times.

31. I'm a Dreamer. But I'm not the only one.

32. I'd love to be a Flipper. My dream job.   I don't care anymore. I'm just going to keep writing.

33. I used to clean up operating rooms after C-sections were performed.

34. I love to organize things. All things. Anything.

35. I LOVE Lobster and any Fried Seafood.

36. I Love the beach.

37. I was born in Florida.

38. I once married a man I wasn't in love with (#1)

39. I've been skinning dipping in Jamaica and walked back to my room in the buff.

40. I once rode in an elevator with Larry Manetti (the guy who played Rick on Magnum P.I.)

41. I have bouts of anxiety I have chronic anxiety.

42. I'm the Adult Child of an Alcoholic.

43. I'm the Adult Grand-child of an Alcoholic.

44. I've read both above books more times than I care to admit and still don't know what the fuck they are talking about.

45. I can remember faces ...names, not so much.

46. I care what people think, but wish I didn't.

47. I'm a shape shifter and I think in pictures.

48. I've been abducted by aliens. No, wait. That wasn't me.

49. I wanna be rich...I want money...lots and lots of money...

50. I hate working. (see above) Well I hate being under pressure is more like it. There are plently of things I like working on.

51. I almost always remember my dreams.

52. I dream in color.

53. I can remember my second birthday.

54. I want to be heard, damn it. (I think what I meant was I wanted someone to listen.)

55. I tend to lose my mind when I spend too much time alone.

56. I tend to lose my mind when I spend too much time with other people.

57. I wish percocet was sold over the counter and had no adverse side effects...and was basically good for you.

58. I am NOT a drug addict or alcoholic.

59. I sing really loud when no one is listening. I suck.

60. I love all music except classical. Everything from eminem to Dan Folgerberg. ( I've recently figured out that classical music has a very calming effect.)

61. I've only cried once because I was happy. (although I have been happy more than once)

62. I feel at home in bars and around people that don't fit in.

63. I've watched GH since I was about 4 years old. I'm not sure how would cope if were ever cancelled.

64. I Still want to do everything and live everywhere  someplace warm.

65. I can see myself living an alternate life in NYC and never owning a car even though it's not warm. (I might be getting too old for this now...)

66. I would totally dive into the fountain of youth, if one existed. BUT, I am not freaked out about aging and would never have plastic surgery.

67. I'm pro choice.

68. I'm a Liberal. And yes I think MJ should be legal, though I don't smoke it.

69. Most drugs, including the above (except percs) have an adverse effect on me. I was once on Morphine after surgery and had an anxiety attack and was up all night.

70. I've developed an allergy to latex.

71. I could be a vegan. I don't know why I'm not, except for the fact that I love meat.

72. I'm pretty good at car racing games. It used to be that no one could beat me until I married #2. Now he beats me all the time. (at racing, not literally) #2 and I are now divorced. No one is beating anyone anymore.

73. I'm also good at fighting games.

74. I once bleed internally for a week, before being rushed into surgery, where Dr. Merlin (the magician) saved my life.

75. I have a pretty high tolerance for physical pain.

76. I haven't truly loved that many people.

77. However, I never really let go when I do. If I loved you once, chances are I still do in one way or another.

78. I love my son more than I ever thought I was capable of loving anyone.

79. I wish I could "summer" on Martha's Vineyard.

80. I don't eat fast food,  Anymore. Often...

81. Broccoli and Cauliflower give me gas unless I eat them raw.

82. And yes, I do fart, just not often.

83. I can belch louder and longer than most men.

84. I love to kiss, but sadly, I rarely do. I kiss more now.

85. I've cheated, been cheated on and been the other woman. (Simultaneously.)

86. I once puked in a party hat on New Years Even in Boston.

87. I once puked out a car window, while the car was moving.

88. I see the calendar in 3D. (synesthesia)

89. My biggest fear, thus far, in raising my son has been, that he would choke and I wouldn't be able to save him. That was then. This is now. His anxiety scares me now. It makes me scared for him.

90. I'm a compulsive list maker, so yes, this is fun.

91. I have a few major regrets, but am doing my best not to add to that list. (I've added a few)

92. I Laugh my ass off every time I watch Anchor Man.

93. I actually enjoy(ed) Mrs. Spiders Sunny Patch Friends. Bounce rocks!

94. I am having a drink right now. It's my birthday so I probably will at some point.

95. I assign gender to numbers and letters. Names taste juicy or dry.

96. I suffer from road rage on occasion.

97. I was in labor for 17 hours.

98. I'm a little bit country...a little bit rock and roll.

99. I love leather.

100. I'm that kind of girl.

101. And..I'm done.

Hope, who is pretty much who she is, I guess. 


  1. Wow, I think I remember that original post? Can it be that long ago? Yikes. Happy Birthday. Love from the tundra! :)

  2. Thank you! Yes, it's been that long. Guess we just have to look our kids to see that. Yikes, indeed.

  3. 102. In spite of and because of it all, you're a good friend (and mother and person). Hope you had a happy day!