Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So yesterday I'm at the store checking out... I won't say which one... only that it rhymes with Shwalmart

I swipe my card. Beep!  Error. Cancel.

I swipe my card again. Beep! Error. Shit. Cancel.

Cashier: " Oh...dats ok. Machine mess up. I swipe card."

I hand her my card.

Cashier: " Oh. Ok. Dis a Credit?"

Me: "No. It's a Debit."

Cashier: "Credit?"

Me: "No. It's a Debit."

Cashier: (looks at card) "Dis card?  Dis card is a Credit."

Me. "No. It's a Debit. You can run it as a Debit."

Cashier: "Oh. A debit? Oh...I..."

Me: "YES. It's a debit!"

Cashier: "Oh. Ok. I dunno...I run as debit...but..."

SWIPE! Beep!  Enter Pin.

Thank you for shopping.

Hope, who probably should have gone to Target.

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  1. F Shwalmart! I walk into that place with a clear picture of what I need & shit gets all twisted, my list finds lost & I panic...I buy shit. I don't need. :) budget $50 = Owed $100. on shit I don't need.