Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tragedy and Social Media

It's been a while and I'm going to try to do this post without losing my mind or my train of thought as there are three kids swarming around me, one being less than agreeable about anything. I'm ignoring all this, mostly. Thank you, Celexa.

In the aftermath of last weeks tradegy it seems almost unthinkable right now for anyone to complain about their children, given so many lost their lives. Eventually everyone will get back to normal and stop thinking they can't let out their frustrations. But...until that happens...I'm not complaining. Not really.

I can, however, complain about Social Media and the Media in General. Because that's still acceptable. I have to admit I hadn't watched one bit of news on Friday or listened to a radio. I was busy filling custom doll orders for Christmas. Every so often, though, I would browse facebook and notice my feed blowing up with prayers, and thoughts, and tears and broken hearts. This happened all day and through bits and pieces I finally figured out what had happened. Sad. Very Sad. Very tragic. I felt no need to add my own sentiments as it seemed really unimportant to send them out to people who were not affected by this personally. Plus, I hate following the crowd.

This went on and on and on...Until...the sentiments began to dwindle and the WAR began. All of those warm thoughts and prayers suddenly turned into a war on guns and those who carry them. A war on those who believe we should not be allowed to carry. A war against anyone posting anything funny that day. A war against people saying no one should post anything funny day. By the end of the night I was ready to puke. Seriously. Let's use this tragedy to fuel our own anger and pointless arguments. That will help.

That was facebook. The actual Media can bite me. I watch the news for the weather only and that is often wrong as well. Being someone who battles anxiety on a daily basis, The News, is no place for me to be. I don't care who thinks I need to "be informed". They can bite me too, because, honestly, I don't. My life is much better not knowing most of the shit the Media seems to want me to know.

In the middle of it all, I found this


For those looking for answers...well, you probably won't find any, but you may just get a glimse into a world that, in all honesty, has nothing to do with politics, the media, or guns, but a world that has everything to do with the events that took place on Friday. Sometimes more does need to be done. But sometimes there is nothing that can be done.

Aside from all of that, I'm doing well, just busy as hell. I'm looking forward to things again and I know it is largly due to the medication, which means I'm sticking with the plan. I could still be doing better, and I know what areas need more work, but I think I'll just try to survive the Holidays first.

Hope, who is done Christmas Shopping. For real, this time!

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