Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Law of Attraction.

If like attracts like, then I'm a lonely fisherman.

Who keeps looking up at me while reeling in his fish.

Does he expect me to say something? Because I won't. I have nothing to say, which, most likely, is why I'm out here alone in the first place.

Nothing to say. I do, however, have plenty to feel.

He's talking now. To himself? No.

"Oh my god. You are beautiful." he says.

To me? No.

"Look at you!" he says.

I look up. It's a fish. He's just talking to a fish.

Seems fitting.

He's floating away now and I'm relieved. Relieved not to have had to say anything.

The sun is going down and I'm starting to get cold.

And like attracts like.

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