Monday, January 20, 2014


i'm sure it's just winter
the short days
the bitter cold
the dry air
the color gray

i'm sure it's just the extended darkness
the snow, the rain
the missing sunshine
fucking with my brain

i'm sure it's just lack of movement
the constant sitting
the extra weight

i'm sure it just the processed foods
the carbs
the wheat
the sugar
in the cake

i'm sure if i could just go somewhere
if i could just get somewhere
and lighter

i'm sure if i could swim
or feel a breeze
or walk in the heat
and hear the leaves

i'm sure if i just had a nice salad
and some fresh fruit
and maybe some herbal tea

i'm sure that's all it is
the darkness
the fog
the depleted energy

i'm sure this lack of focus
and lack of will
is only temporary

i'm sure i could change it
if i could just get up
if i could just stand
and go in the other room
and do...
if i could just
think something
look forward to something
feel something

if i could
i'm sure it would be fine
if i could
i'd speed up time

but i'm sure it's just winter

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