Friday, February 8, 2013

Feb 8th

Today is the start of "The Blizzard of 2013".  The media is making a big deal, as usual, like we've never seen this before. We have.  We will again. This is New England.  First we ask..."Did hear about the fuckin' stawm we're gettin?"  And then we answer..."Yeah. Wicked fuckin' pissah."  And...we move on. So...Dear Media, Cut the shit, already. Sincerly, The Massholes.

Today is also the anniversary of my Mother's death. 29 years ago. Holy crap!  It makes me feel old. It makes me feel older, even, to have lived more years on this earth that she ever got to. If you could make wishes on Deathaversaries (not a word? who cares.) you do on wish would be to get to talk to her one more time. There are so many questions I have to ask her now that I'm adult...questions that weren't there when I was a child. So many things that could help us to understand things better now. I know it can't happen, (Although, I'm starting a savings Jar for a visit the the Long Island Medium... Can't hurt to try, right?) so instead, I'll just have to believe that she finally has the peace she could never find on this earth. And that's she's gotten to feel that peace for the past 29 years. That has to be enough.

RIP, Mommy.

We will someday see you again.

Hope, who is enjoying a Smirnoff Ice and awaiting the Blizzard. 


  1. Funny, we survived it... even in the tundra.. eh? (although my back didnt it)

    There is a word for deathaversaries.. Yahrzeit.